When do I report a Suspected Irregularity?

When there is a suspicion of external or internal fraud, incidents that can affect reputation, violations of the law or company policies and the Code, corruption, bribery, intimidation, discrimination, (sexual) harassment, danger in health and safety, environmental danger and improper ethical behavior.


Why should I report a Suspected Irregularity?

Any form of misconduct having a negative impact on the atmosphere and reputation of the company has to be reported. By blowing the whistle you can help detect issues and safeguard core values of.


Who reads my Suspected Irregularity?

The Suspected Irregularity you report will be dealt with by a trusted person of the TPN. This will be shared with the Trusted Third-Party.


Can I report my Suspected Irregularity anonymously?

You will be requested to identify yourself prior to reporting but you will have the option to report anonymously where permissible by local legislation. Your identity, if provided, will be kept confidential during all stages of the process and will not be shared with any third person including your (direct) superior and/or any Person Involved. It may be necessary that your identity may need to be disclosed to the relevant people involved in any further investigation or subsequent judicial proceedings instigated as a result of the enquiry conducted.


If I do not report anonymously, or if the company discovers who I am, will I get protection or support?

PRIVERA AG does not allow any retaliation against any person who raises a concern, or reports misconduct in good faith. Individuals engaging in retaliatory conduct will be subject to applicable disciplinary procedures. PRIVERA AG takes claims of retaliation seriously. Claims of retaliation will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. If you suspect that you or someone you know has been retaliated against for raising a compliance issue, immediately contact your Local Legal & Compliance officer or the TPN.


Will there be an investigation based on my report?

Whether the company will start an investigation will be at the company's discretion and depend on a case by case analysis of your information.


What is my involvement after reporting a Suspected Irregularity?

You have the choice to be involved after reporting a Suspected Irregularity. You will be requested to identify yourself  but you can also choose to respond to us anonymously again. You can provide us new or additional information, or request amendments to your response report. You can access this response report with the reference number provided to you when you submitted the Suspected Irregularity.


How long does it take before I get a response report?

A first response will be available within two business days. You can log into “My TPN” with your Case Number and Password and check the status.


Will I face any sanctions if the allegations brought forward are found to be incorrect?

No. You will not face any sanctions if you have used the system in good faith. Only deliberate abuse of the system may result in disciplinary sanctions.