Voice your Concern or Question

If you suspect an irregularity in or of PRIVERA AG you can get in touch with our Trusted Third-Party. The Trusted Third-Party will evaluate your reported concerns with due care.

You can report online. The system makes use of a secure online reporting mechanism.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Trusted Persons

The Trusted Person is trained to handle your information with care. The Trusted Person will keep your information confidential within the scope of the PRIVERA AG Guideline “Tell it us”.

Trusted Persons are able to provide assistance in multiple languages. You can select a language when you report.

Rights and Duties

It is encouraged to report and express any concerns honestly and respectfully.

PRIVERA AG does not allow any retaliation against any person who raises a concern, or reports misconduct in good faith. Individuals engaging in retaliatory conduct will be subject to applicable disciplinary procedures.


Reach out for help: Consider talking to a person in your company first with whom you can discuss your concerns and who can help you take the necessary actions. This may be a local compliance officer, your coach or any person you trust.

Think before you act. Think carefully about why you want to make an official report and what you are basing your concerns and suspicions on. Consider your options and what the outcome is of what you would like to see.

Be factual. Try to base your suspicions on facts in order to build a good case. Give a clear explanation of the situation and provide evidence where possible.