Anonymous Reporting

All the information you provide will be shared with the Compliance Officer.

You will be requested to identify yourself prior to reporting but you will have the option to report anonymously where permissible by local legislation. Your identity, if provided, will be kept confidential during all stages of the process and will not be shared with any third person including your (direct) superior and/or any Person Involved. It may be necessary that your identity may need to be disclosed to the relevant people involved in any further investigation or subsequent judicial proceedings instigated as a result of the enquiry conducted.


Case Management

The Trusted Persons Network will build a file based on your report. This includes the content of your Suspected Irregularity  and personal details if provided.


Secure Environment

This web page is hosted on PwC’s secure servers and is not part of the company website or intranet. For reporting online and by e-mail, the Trusted Persons Network uses computers with a firewall and anti-virus software. To ensure anonymity and confidentiality your own computer also needs to be secure.